In general, follow the instructions on the maintenance labels.
Hand wash at low temperature with a laundry for delicate material (laundry type for woolen) is recommended, especially for lace, tulle, silk. Preferably choose a liquid detergent that is more soluble in water to prevent the fabric from bleaching. The detergent must be dissolved in the water before soaking. Do not soak your lingerie, especially for color and prints.
If you wash your lingerie in a washing-machine, use a washing bag to avoid possible snagging with other clothes and remember to staple bras. Never wash above 30° C; do not spin at more than 600 rpm; do not use the dryer, prefer flat drying. Do not use bleach.

Silk Lingerie:
To preserve the silk for a long time, as on the first day, there are certain golden rules to respect:
• Do not rub, do not wring it.
• Do not apply bleach on it, it may yellow.
• Do not wash the silk above 30° C and do not boil it. Wash it and rinse it with lukewarm water (the silk does not support the temperature differences).
• Do not wash the silk with a whitening product.
• Do not dry silk in the sun.
• To prevent it from fading, wash each piece separately.
• Protect it from moths that love it.
• Do not enclose silk in plastic (bag, storage box).

The effective products on silk are:
• ammonia
• white vinegar of alcohol.
• 70° / 90° alcohol

For drying:
• Roll the piece on a towel.
• Lay it on a dry, white towel.

How to remove a stain on silk?
The silk is fragile. Some bristles do not support wet stain, others whiten when rubbed. With our advice, learn to clean all the tasks on a silk garment.
1 / Do not try to remove a stain on a colored silk garment without making sure that the silk supports the stain remover. To do this, wipe the hem or inside of a pocket with a cotton swab moistened with stain remover. If the color of the silk fades or/and the cotton swab is colored, do not attempt to detach the silk. Give it to the dry cleaner or detach with dry stain removers such as Terre de Sommières.
2 / If the silk is intact and the cotton swab is colorless, then loosen the silk garment gently by swabbing, using a white cloth moistened with stain remover.
3 / Do not rub the stains by insisting too heavily on the fabric. The silk might bleach.
4 / The stain remover continues its action after stain removal, rinse well the silk garment by dabbing it with a damp white cloth.

Washing by hand and separately is recommended. No drying machine, no ironing, it could alter their elasticity. Also avoid softener when silicone parts are present.

After each use, rinse your swimsuit with clear water to preserve all its elasticity and its original colours.
Machine washing is possible, but in short program and cold water. Flat drying away from a direct heat source is recommended.

Valid for all subjects:
- No bleach. Use mild detergents (without "perborate") and liquid preferably to avoid bleaching.
- If washing machine, put the laundry in a washing bag to protect from snags with the machine drum or other clothes.
- No "soaking" of prints or colours.
- Do not tumble dry.
- No dry cleaning.
- Ironing at a gentle temperature.

COTTONElastic, flexible, absorbs heat
and humidity. Soft, pleasant touch, comfort.
No constraints, withstands the heat, washing machine and dryer. May shrink when washed (3 to 5%).
Crease and ironing.
SILKGreat softness and shine.
Gives incomparable fabrics by their beauty and their falling.
Thermal protector.
Delicate. To preserve its qualities, wash by hand and cold or tepid water with a mild detergent (liquid preferably). No soaking.
Does not support heat or abrupt treatments.
Color to be washed separately with a suitable detergent.
Dry flat, no dryer.
Crumples. To iron without steam.
WOOLWarm, soft, mellow, "material" effect. Fragile.Neither heat nor machine. Drying flat.
Use a special soft washing wool.
Iron at a gentle temperature without steam.
Softness, shine, give soft and fluid fabrics.Wash at low temperature, preferably by hand. May shrink when washed (4 to 7%). Use a mild detergent. Wrinkle a lot. Ironing at a gentle temperature.
Stable and consistent quality. Very easy maintenance. In mixture, they bring strength.Machine washable at medium temperature.
Wrinkle little, no ironing.
Do not support hot irons (they melt!).