A/ Choose your bra:

Whatever the volume of your chest, it is recommended to choose a good maintenance. To find the right bra that suits your body and where you feel comfortable and well maintained, make sure to staple your back in the middle position, adjust the straps so that they are not too tight neither too distended. If the bra has frames, they must be adjusted to the best, so as not to compress the body (too small) or on the contrary take off (too large); the frames do not have to move when you move.
There are several bra cups, these tips will help you find the most suitable for your chest.

a) Balconette:
Ideal for all breasts: small, medium or lacking in firmness, from B to C cup.
Semi-covering, with frames and a vertical seam on the cups, eccentric straps, it can be padded or not. Excellent support, it refocuses the breasts without raising them, resulting in a natural effect.
It is perfect for square neckline dresses with plunging effect.

b) Half bra:
Little covering, half-nesting, padded or not, with a wide breasts-wide and a straight neckline with rounded effect, it enhances and curves the chest. Excellent support and comfortable everyday, it is perfect for a small or medium-sized breasts, from B to C cup.

c) Push-Up:
This cut has a volumizing effect that perfectly highlights your chest. With its plunging neckline, removable or fixed pads, this bra with or without shell curves the breasts while ensuring a good support.
It is suitable for medium to small breasts, from AA to C cup.

d) Padded or moulded:
It perfectly fits the breasts, its maintenance and comfort make it a bra to wear for any occasion. It's the assurance of a curved, firm, round and natural breast.
For small to medium breasts, from A to C cup.

e) Triangle:
This is a cut without frames for more comfort with a V-neck for a very natural effect.
It is ideal for small and medium-sized breasts, from AA to C cup.

f) Full bra:
With cups made from 2 to 4 parts and frames for a superior support, it is a very technical bra that fits and perfectly covers the chest, especially on the sides. Opt for wide braces to better distribute the weight of the breasts and avoid back pain.
It is suitable for generous breasts, from cup D.

g) Minimizer:
This cut helps to "reduce" the chest while ensuring optimal support thanks to its wide straps.
This is the bra for generous breasts, from C to G cup.

h) Bandeau:
For a neckline and shoulders well cleared, it has a booster effect. Impeccable under a bustier, we find this cut also in swimwear collections.
Its maintenance will not be enough for breasts a little strong.

i) Invisible:
To wear under clothing close to the body. With or without straps, with fixed or removable straps, with or without shell, bandeau or classic shape ... The essential basic to store in your dressing.

B/ Choose your brief:

a) Panties or briefs:
Classically shaped and covering, it stops on the buttocks.

b) High waist panty:
It refines the belly and the hips. It can be shaping or sculpting.

c) Shorty:
Covering shape on the front and back, it stops just below the buttocks.

d) Tanga:
Classically shaped on the front and notched on the back, it stops at the top of the buttocks.

e) Thong or string:
With an indented shape on the front and on the back, it is invisible under clothes.